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WillPowered FitTraining consists of workouts that are not too overbearing.

They are meant to tone, sculpt, and to help you gain strength

The bootcamp in detail


​willpowered fittraining bootcamp can be done in less than an hour, has a great blend of cardio and creative techniques that's meant to push you to your threshold of what you can handle. what's great about the camp is that it's a combination of circuit training and interval training.

even though it's timed with a minute for each workout, you can move at your pace as your fitness level maybe different from the person beside you. we use all sorts of different equipment from kettlebells, dumbbells, combat rope, medicine ball, resistance bands and bosu ball just to name a few. to assure that my clients tone up their bodies and reach their fitness goals there's a minute between each workout were you would either do jumping jacks, jump rope, or standard squats for a minute straight. it's a way to rest without coming to a complete stop , keeping your heartrate up which leads to weight loss.​​

​There are always updated exercises that will be implemented to keep clients from hitting a plateau and maybe ready to push themselves to the next level. Lastly, being these sessions are between 30 mins and 45 mins, the equipment that's used is based around compound exercises. which means you will work multiple muscles groupls all at once. This method makes you use more energy to perform these exercises, leading clients to burn more calories and have you reach your fitness goals around your desired time frame.